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Progressive Delivery Option

We have a progressive delivery option that makes it possible to work on long and sophisticated pieces of writing including 20+ pages (double spacing) and 10+ pages (single spacing).

Why use this option:

  • Papers are forwarded to clients for their approval in parts/drafts* before the indicated due date. Thus, customers can control the writing process.
  • A free-of-charge revision time frame is 30 days while that of a regular order is 48 hours only.
  • Your work will be managed by the most experienced writer and editor.
  • We make sure the orders are finished properly and the customers do not encounter difficulties while communicating with our experts by assigning personal managers to each assignment.

Peculiarities of sending drafts*:

  • assignments with 4 or less days time frame – one draft is forwarded within 50% of the stipulated deadline (for instance, if it is 4 days, a draft will be given in 2 days) in the form of 25% of the indicated word count (e.g., if the paper contains 44 pages, a draft will include 11 pages);
  • assignments with 5-11-day urgency – two drafts are given within 25% and 50% of the defined deadline in the amount of 25% and 50% of the stated word count accordingly;
  • assignments with the deadline of 12 and more days – we send three drafts within 25%, 50%, 75% of the time frame in the form of 25%, 50%, 75% of the whole work respectively.

One should pay just additional 15% to the total paper price.

 * In case you want to get your piece of writing in a distinctive way, we can create a specific plan according to your preferences and order requirements. If this is the case, all details are to be discussed with the assignment manager.

Additional Options for Works Comprising less than 20 Pages

Short Summary of Your Project

By using this service, one can obtain a short 1 page long summary underlying the key ideas of one’s work. Customers who have to present the core of their paper are strongly advised to refer to this option.


Clients have a possibility of getting a draft 1 page in length (300 words for double-spaced assignments and 600 words for single-spaced tasks) of the work after the 50% of the determined deadline passes. For instance, if the time frame is 14 days, you will get a draft in 7 days.

Extended Revision Service

We provide our customers with a free revision within 2 days after deadline passes. This period of time can be extended to 14 days due to the extended revision option! Testimonials

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