• A Biographical Paper Example

    A Biographical Paper Example

    My name is Mike. I am a student. I am a tall young man with light brown hair, an oval face, and blue eyes. I like to wear casual clothes such as jeans and T-shirts; I prefer sneakers too. As for my character, I think I am a rather modest and calm person. My friends tell me that I have a good sense of humor. I like everything related to outdoor activities (sports, games, and active leisure time). I have a lot of friends and acquaintances with whom I spend almost all my free time. I love helping others and see how they become happy with my support. I like kind, polite, honest, reliable, and ...

  • The Hunger Games Summary

    The Hunger Games Summary

    The Hunger Games serve as reminders of violence. To survive at the Games, the main character must kill her friend. The novel is written on behalf of the main character Katniss Everdeen. Tributes The state of Panem, formed on the North American continent after a series of natural disasters, is divided into twelve districts and the capital, Capitol. There were thirteen districts, but after a big uprising, cruelly suppressed by the authorities, District-13 was completely destroyed. The Capitol established the annual Hunger Games, which are televised throughout the country. Each district is ...

  • How to Write an Abstract

    How to Write an Abstract

    The abstract is a brief description of the work, containing a list of the main issues of the article. It performs the following functions: provides an opportunity to establish the main content of a scientific article determines its relevance and helps to decide whether to refer to the full text of the article. In the abstract, it is necessary to identify the main ideas (sections) of the article, combine and present them in a short form. The Main Characteristics of the Abstract When writing an abstract, you should pay attention to the following questions. Word limit. When writing ...

  • Love for Parents and Family

    Love for Parents and Family

    Every person has parents. No matter how old you are, for mom and dad, you will always be their favorite child. Parents love us. They can forgive any offenses; they are always ready to help and give good advice. Raising children is very difficult. Parents should teach them a lot. At first, they teach children to walk, eat, talk, and when children grow up, parents need to teach them to be good people, to develop positive spiritual qualities, to teach etiquette, etc. Parents give children a part of their life, without demanding anything in return. Therefore, love and respect for parents is an ...

  • Tips on How to Complete Satire Essay

    Tips on How to Complete Satire Essay

    The following article aims at uncovering the true nature of a satire essay and suggests a step-by-step approach on how to compose this type of writing successfully. The Subject Matter of a Satire Essay Judging from the name, this kind of writing takes a satire as a tool to draw readers’ attention to some topic. Well, this is one of the most challenging assignments a student can be assigned throughout all the academic life. The things professors await from them are a vivid and comprehensive discussion of the chosen issue, appropriate tone of voice and inserted humor to place an ...

  • What Is an Abstract?

    What Is an Abstract?

    The scientific style is quite rich in genre diversity and contains several varieties. One of them includes abstracts, summaries, and annotations. This type of texts is called scientific-informative style, that is, thanks to these genres, the reader receives the necessary short knowledge of a particular subject. The abstract is one of the forms of the abbreviated scientific text presentation. Its purpose is to attract the attention of the audience and awaken the reader's interest by combining the essence of the study with the minimum amount of linguistic means. It is a brief content of the ...


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