What Is an Abstract

The scientific style is quite rich in genre diversity and contains several varieties. One of them includes abstracts, summaries, and annotations. This type of texts is called scientific-informative style, that is, thanks to these genres, the reader receives the necessary short knowledge of a particular subject.

The abstract is one of the forms of the abbreviated scientific text presentation. Its purpose is to attract the attention of the audience and awaken the reader’s interest by combining the essence of the study with the minimum amount of linguistic means. It is a brief content of the main content of the source (book, journal, article, research paper). The main task of the abstract is to describe the material, to indicate its advantages and features. There are some requirements for the structure and content of the abstract.
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Freedom of Speech Essay

Under present-day conditions, people can take the advantage of ample opportunities, which did not exist a hundred years ago. The era of democracy and multiculturalism has shaped the mind of millions, and freedom, both as value and as right, has exerted a decisive effect on our society. The constitutions of various states around the globe claim that each individual has the right to express thoughts liberally and freedom of speech.

Besides, being an absolute duty, freedom cannot be taken away. If there had been any limitations on sharing views or ideas, there would not have been any history or science. Without communication, interaction, and collaboration, we would still live in huts and would merely dream about getting up to the sky. Freedom of speech has its own power, and it can be traced in politics.
As far as freedom of speech could not be restricted, a human being has the right to express thoughts through media. Needless to say, an individual is free to act and think according to their own beliefs yet without bringing harm and damage to other people. The only infringement of this right appears when the expressed thoughts can undermine national security or violate other person’s rights.

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How to Write an Essay about Politics

Essay about Politics

Every college student has to write essays on various topics. One of the most popular tasks is an essay about politics. While this topic seems easy, it still is complicated because of complex nature of politics. To understand how this kind of essays should be written, we prepared for you an essay sample.

Essay about Politics

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Sample Essays on Breast Cancer

Essays on Breast Cancer

Being a student, the individual should be ready to do the assignments, which seem very complex and controversial. Sometimes, the students get puzzled when their professors ask them to explore such controversial topics as abortion, bipolar disorder, AID, cancer, and many other similar topics. The answer is pretty simple. Usually, the professors want to increase the awareness of the particular individual, as well as the awareness of the whole group of this topic. Undoubtedly, getting the topic related to cancer, the student may feel depressed and frustrated, especially learning more information about it. We assure you that writing such an essay may be a useful experience, which can teach you how to gather the information and put your thoughts on the paper carefully.
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Fresh Ideas of Accounting Dissertation Topics

Accounting Dissertation Topics

Although writing an accounting dissertation is already challenging enough, you should approach the choice of a topic with particular care because it has an enormous impact on your results. In fact, a successful topic is a guarantee of the student’s good mark. On the contrary, a topic that is too difficult or not interesting for a student will turn the already demanding writing process into a nightmare. To ease the choice for you, we have prepared a list of good accounting dissertation topics that you can use if you run out of ideas. The list has been created by our experts after careful analysis and thorough selection. Continue reading