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  • How to Write a 1000-Word Essay

    How to Write a 1000-Word Essay

    Students are often assigned with a 1000-word essay. When that happens, most of the time students are worried about the quantity rather than quality of the essay, thinking, “How many pages should I write?” Well, the question should be “How am I going to write this long essay?” It can be a difficult task if you have never done it before. This article is will give you advice that can help you write an excellent 1000-word essay. Stick to the Point Whether it’s a 1000-word essay or any other type of essay that you have already dealt with, you should always remember that your ...

  • What Is Culture?

    What Is Culture?

    The United States is a country of diversity because it became home for numerous cultures which fused into one huge intercultural knot of energy which pushes our country forward. Each cultural group is unique and has its own idiosyncrasies, traditions, and peculiarities. Culture includes language, traditions, beliefs, art, fashion, food, behaviors, religion, economic systems, and politics. It’s a dynamic structure that shapes our patterns of thinking, behavior, and worldview.The role of the culture is so important that it relates to almost all aspects of what we are used to identify ...

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