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Firstly, the participants will be instructed to grip the dynamometer as hard as possible with a single, rapid impulse. In order to set up the maximum grip strength, this action will be continued two times. The highest value of the three will be considered to be the maximum value. Target forces will be presented in the serialized order, which will be scaled to 30%, 50%, and 70% of each participant's maximum. As per each trial the target force will be given in pounds verbally after two seconds of the completion of response the actual force will be provided verbally as a feedback. The next response is generated after an approximate time of 15 seconds by prompting the participants. This is done upon completion of one response. Forces, both actual forces and target forces, are represented using the measure unit of pounds. However, for analysis purposes, the measure unit is changed to newtons.

Acquisition Test


The overall measure of force production or total error along with the force production consistency or variable error will be given in this test.


For the acquisition test, participants will be randomly assigned to either of the two conditions: 50% knowledge of results or 100% knowledge of results frequency. Verbal feedback is given to each group with 100% frequency. On the other hand, verbal feedback is given to the group with 50% frequency after three trials. What this means is that for the 50% group, they will not receive any feedback for the first three trials. During acquisition, 72 trials are performed by all the participants.

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