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American Hustle essay

American Hustle (2013) shows the life and business of a fraud named Irving Rosenfeld, his companion in business and love, Sydney Prosser, and agent Richie DiMaso. They become the core of the FBI operation aimed to uncover and cut the corruption chain in New Jersey. In the course of the events, ...

How did the Artists in the 20th Century Critique Traditional Ways of Making Art? essay

The artists of the 20th century criticized the majority of traditional ways of making the art. It was the cultural period of Modernism. It was the time of both a combination of cultural trends and a variety of conglomerated cultural processes, primarily appearing from large-scale and amplitudinous ...

Maggie Taylor essay

Maggie Taylor is an American digital artist who was born in 1961 in Ohio. She promotes a relatively new type of art which includes both taking photos and employing computer graphic programs to create images. Therefore, she is an artist of a new generation who uses modern technology to introduce her ...

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