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Consumer Behavior in Jetstar’s Japanese and Australian Transport Markets essay

Consumer behavior is one of the many variables that marketers take into consideration. This essay elaborates on different theories of consumer behavior and the comparison of their impacts on the Japanese airline industry as compared with their Australian counterparts. Jetstar will be our example as ...

Influence of Marketing Strategies essay

Objectives As it was mentioned in the International Journal of Consumer Studies, young people are the consumers of tomorrow (1). Consequently, most of marketing strategies should be aimed at the increasing organic food consumption and the methods should address the requirements of this particular ...

Why AMSC Forgo Debt Finance for Equity Finance essay

Debt finance is the capital raised from borrowing and it comes in many forms. Debentures are part of debt finance and they carry a fixed charge which the company (the debtor) that is supposed to pay the debenture holder (creditor). Loans are also part of debt finance and there are two categories: ...

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