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American Civil War essay

The American Civil War is the most renowned historical phenomenon among numerous people in the nation.  The major revolution between the years 1776-1783 is argued to be the one that created the nation (McPherson). Nevertheless, the Civil War, which took place between the years 1861-1865, is ...

The History of China essay

China has become one of the powerful economies in the world. Among other Asian countries, China has a rich and complex recorded history dating up to 1600BC. Chinese history can be described by the rise and collapse of the various dynasties, varying degree of openness to foreign cultural influences ...

The Secret Life of Kim Philby essay

Kim Philby was one of the highest ranking officials of British intelligence. He defected to the Soviet Union after working as a double agent for a long time. He belonged to the highly secretive spy group known as The Cambridge Five. Historians believe that he was the most efficient resource agent ...

Women in the Middle Ages essay

The Middle Ages was a period in European history that occurred around the 5th century to the 15th century. During the medieval period, women were socially and economically unappreciated, misjudged and misused. The purpose of this paper is to explore the ideals and beliefs of women in the Middle ...

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