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Juvenile Delinquency

According to Siegal, Welsh & Senna, (2008), sending juveniles to boot camps to deter delinquency is not effective as it focuses on punishment and not prevention hence yielding short term results. However, parents can use other positive mechanisms  to prevent or control juvenile delinquency such as After School Programs to keep the youths busy. They can also offer psychological support and early family intervention by providing counseling and therapy services. Courts should be encouraged to use alternative justice such as special courts that focus on rehabilitating the delinquents and avoid recidivism, equipping the juveniles with skills to help them find gainful employment and sensitization and education on the effects of drug and substance abuse. In addition, parents should remain actively involved in a child’s life.

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The society at large, family and the government bear the biggest responsibility of child growth. All players must perform their duty to reduce the crime rate. Children are supposed to be united with the society at large and sensitize the people on the essence of good moral behavior. Handling the child or the victim at the tender age is the best way to minimize these rampant cases. As agents of change in the society, it is not necessary to take juveniles to court. Efforts should be made to find the reasons why  children  commit  offenses. Establish the points that might be of failure. Juveniles should be educated on the repercussions and penalties of the crimes mostly committed.

There are early interventions with some preventive but most effective techniques possible to impact the offender behaviors’ when trying to solve the problem of juvenile criminal behavior. In other words, an 11-year-old youth who commit violation does not need to be imprisoned with a 20 year of age criminal with an account of violent crimes. Recreation programs  offer education lessons based on  particular offenses which provide the basis of addressing offenses committed by juveniles (Miller, 2009). Counseling can also help offenders with  mental health problems.

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