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Disparity between the target force and the actual force is the most important variable. Total error will be used to calculate the accuracy and variable error will be used to calculate response uniformity. Overall errors will be measured as the square root of the average force production prejudice bonus the average deviation of the errors. The difference between the estimated force production error and the actual force production error is the total estimation error. It will also be determined in the retention test.

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Sum of errors decides how the participants’ force production errors acquisition blocks in acquisition test. It is important to take into consideration that the acquisition KR condition reduces the lower force production faults from 100 percent to 50 percent, which is exactly half of the original. Variable error determines the changes in the participants’ reaction variations. This is true if you compare the 100 KR frequency condition and the 50 percent KR frequency condition.

Upon performing the retention analysis, it can be found that a disparity exists 50 percent Kr group and 100 Kr frequency condition. The difference in the variability responses between the acquisition response for 50 percent and 100 percent is symbolic of the variable error. The retention analysis of the correlation between the actual force error and estimated force error shows the difference in the relation between 100 percent acquisition KR condition and 50 percent acquisition KR condition.

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