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Retention Test


With this hypothesis test, the total estimated force error-actual force error correlations together with total error estimation accuracy are calculated.


The procedure mentioned above will be repeated for acquisition. After 24hours, the retention test will be carried down, which consists of 12 trials (4 trials at each target in a serial order). After every trial, the feedback will not be given to the participants regarding the actual force generated on that trial rather than this after every trial they will be asked to approximate their own error of force production verbally.

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The total error (overall force production accuracy measure) along with the variable error (force production consistency measure) will be represented in the results. Besides, the retention process also includes a presentation also includes the total estimated actual force error- force error and error estimation accuracy correlations. The dependent variable analysis will give the explanation of the difference between the actual force and target force used total error (E) as a measure of accuracy and variable error (VE) as a measure of response consistency.

The results section also includes variability (VE) and accuracy of acquisition force production (E). This analysis is performed using the Acquisition KR Condition Block (1-6) x (50% vs 100 % KR frequency) analysis of variance ANOVA. This analysis is performed repeatedly for different blocks. The variability and accuracy of retention force production, in addition to an estimation of the force error -actual force error correlations and accuracy, will be analyzed as part of the process. This analysis is done in a different acquisition KR condition ANOVA. The alpha level chosen is .05 and this is level used for all statistical tests.

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